Behind The Scenes

Mantis FPV was born during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown period. This will be a year EVERYBODY will remember. Proof that ideas brew when you’re bored out of your skull during a lockdown. Maybe we should have more of it to solve our planetary problems.

Here, we shall share with you the journey we’ve taken to where we are now.

Adriano, Kelvin, Joseph & Zeph

Optimus Prime as a model for MantisFPV


3rd August 2021

He looks angry, but he’s the sweetest, most helpful and knowledgeable FPV dude. He’s a cuddly bear. But he’s pretty mean on the sticks, so get out of his way when the goggles are on. Check him out at: @nerdling_fpv

Optimus Prime as a model for MantisFPV

Lights, FPV simulator, lap times chart and goggles

13th July 2021

Never dull. Our FatShark goggles arrived today! Adriano couldn’t help but to secure a pair for himself. He thinks he’s ready to take on the legends. That’s cute.

Check out our bespoke custom made FPV LED (neon-like) lights too!

We’ve setup a dedicate PC running LIFTOFF (behind Adriano). We urge our customers and visitors to have a crack and beat the best times!

Optimus Prime as a model for MantisFPV


14th June 2021

We turn ONE. The 12 months flew past swiftly. We’ve learnt considerably and made a ton of mistakes while we’re at it. We shall write a book one day…

BTW, we didn’t have a proper cake, so we stacked up some FPV quads to make a shitty looking FPV cake as a substitute. At least we used some professional lighting for the photo.

Not bad for a new business who started in the infamous year of 2020.

Optimus Prime as a model for MantisFPV

1000 orders

29th April 2021

We hit our first 1000 orders. We are honoured to be able to serve and treat our FPV addicted customers. However, we can never cure the addiction 🙂

Thank you.

Optimus Prime as a model for MantisFPV

We have a new home

30th January 2021

We were tripping over props at our old place. It was getting out of hand. So, we got a bigger place. No biggie.

Sydney-siders, select “local pickup” and come say hi. We are here.

MantisFPV team 2021
PG9 2440 IG
Optimus Prime as a model for MantisFPV

First 500 orders

15th December 2020

We hit our first 500 orders. We are stoked and so very thankful to our customers whom we wake up everyday to serve.

Thank you.

Not forgetting, the addition of Joseph to the team. Check out some of his vomit inducing work here.

mantisFPV adriano fpv orders
mantisFPV joseph fpv orders
Optimus Prime as a model for MantisFPV

So, we made some custom flags and gates...

10th December 2020

Our first crack at making some of our own flags and gates. V2 coming soon.

fpv drone racing flags 01
fpv drone racing flags 02
fpv drone racing flags 03
Optimus Prime as a model for MantisFPV

First custom built heavy lifter FPV drone

5th November 2020

Built our first custom ordered heavy lifter drone (based on the Shen-drones Thic frame), this X8 was built for our friends at Sky Monkey for the use of Sony’s FX6 cinema camera debut, chasing drift cars 🙂

custom built fpv cinelifter australia drift car
custom built fpv drone sony FX6
custom built fpv drone sydney
Optimus Prime as a model for MantisFPV

Exclusively at MantisFPV - premium custom goggle straps by FATSTRAPS

28th September 2020

We are wrapped (and strapped)! These premium custom goggle straps by FATSTRAPS became exclusively available by MantisFPV. Check them out here.

mantisfpv fatstrap fpv straps for dji goggles
fatstraps australia
mantisfpv fatstraps scaled
P1000312 social
Optimus Prime as a model for MantisFPV

Work that branding, baby!

11th September 2020

These kevlar FPV battery straps are da bomb. Special thanks to Warren (@kenworthit)

ethixltd instagram mantisFPV
Optimus Prime as a model for MantisFPV

More goodies...

21st August 2020

We might’ve just bought the last few DJI FPV goggles available in the country (at the time)

Optimus Prime as a model for MantisFPV

First batch of RadioMaster TX16s arrive

21st August 2020

Always brings happiness to the heart to see brand new hot property landing in our warehouse. These sold quickly!

Optimus Prime as a model for MantisFPV

MantisFPV branded tools in stock

13th August 2020

Optimus agrees, these are siik FPV tools. Check it all out here.

fpv store australia first 100 orders

First 100 orders

4th August 2020

Wow, we are stoked. We didn’t think we’ll achieve 100 orders for many months. We are humbled. Thank you to our bosses – our customers. We hope to continue to satisfy your FPV addiction 🙂

find an FPV mentor for me please australia

"I want an FPV mentor" program launched

27th July 2020

Starting a new hobby/sport/interest isn’t easy. Lord Bardwell can only do so much (and he does plenty). We find many of our customers need a personal touch towards getting guidance. Simply register your interest, and we’ll try our best to connect you with an FPV mentor nearby.

mantisFPV mentorship fpv teacher

"Become an FPV Mentor" program launched

22nd July 2020

One of our greatest goals, is to promote the sport/hobby of FPV drones to as many people as possible. We launched the “Become an FPV Mentor” program to help connect with new uprising stars. If you’re worthy, please apply within. There might just be some worthy incentives too 🙂

Jumper T18 Radio transmitter MantisFPV australia

First BLOG written

13th July 2020

Gotta cherish the firsts! We’ve never been into BLOGs. I guess we are now! Check it out here.

First shirts made!

19th June 2020

The little things count. Like printing shirts! In a business where most things comes from China, it is rather refreshing to be able to do things locally. Shout out to our buddies at Teamkit Australia.

mantisFPV first customer

Our first customer!

13th June 2020

Alex (from Kess Media | Sky Monkey) is our very first online customer! We’ll always remember our first!


Website Launch

13th June 2020

Website launched without a hitch, midnight of 13th June 2020. All ducks were lined up. It was rather event-less actually. Then we went to bed.

MFPV Website Concepts

Branding Design

4th May 2020

Our buddies at Get Noticed Media got cracking with our concept behind the Peacock Mantis Shrimp (or should we be calling it a “prawn” in Australia?). Anthony delivered us a cracking brand for MantisFPV.

building in silence featured

Building in silence

2 May 2020

Many many many many hours of building a new and fast e-commerce website, that runs very efficiently and just blazingly fast. Kelvin got obsessed with making sure the website loads in under 1 second. He is proud to say, he now measures load times in miliseconds. For the keen eyed (footer reference), no – the server doesn’t really run on Raspberry Pi, nor is it powered by 2x CR2023s. However, it does run on Linux on our custom cloud servers, hosted at the fastest datacentre in Australia. We can’t really tell you where it is of course.

With the special help of Martin and Zac, Adriano smashed through the creation of products online. Again, many hundred hours dispensed without a roster. It was just full steam. Made with love.

Special mention to Paul L, our FPV shifu, telling us what to stock. We pretty much did the opposite to what he said most the time thereafter.

German Shepherd puppies

Company registered, domain name licensed, email server created

30th April 2020

All those mundane but essential things, done. Amazingly, this was done within the span of 3 hours. We’re that good. Infact, it might’ve taken us longer to think of this subheading than the actual doing.


Mantis FPV starts

27th April 2020

Hey Adriano, how about we start an FPV store?

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